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To-Do Checklist
Now that you are a part of the Evans Insurance Services family there are a couple things
you have to make sure you do in order to insure a smooth transition to our office:

  • Inform important parties about your change of companies

One very important party that you need to talk to is your mortgage company. If you are getting a homeowner's policy, you need to give them our name and number and authorization to discuss your new policy and/or discuss payment arrangements, especially if you escrow the homeowners. If you do not have homeowners insurance through us, give us a call and we can set up the policy for you in addition to your auto. In return, you will be able to take advantage of the Multi-Policy Discount on your auto policy. (Watch your auto rates go down even more!)
If you're switching your car insurance, contact your leasing company and/or finance company, and infomr them you are switching insurance companies. Provide them with our name and number so they can call us and we can make sure they are listed on your auto policy correctly. If you did not get the auto policy through us, remember to call us so we can set up one for you. Remember that the Multi-Policy Discount can also be added to the home or renters policy and again you will see your rates go down on these policies as well.

  • Review your policy once you have received it in the mail

Expect your policy to be delivered up to 15 days for personal policies and 30 days for commercial policies. Make sure the right vehicles are on the policy; that means checking the VIN numbers and matching them to what is on the dashboard of your car. If this is not done properly, it could cause you problems during the claims process, especially if your car is stolen.

  • For Auto Insurance make sure your ID Card(s) is placed in the car

Always be sure you have your updated insurance cards in your car. The insurance card I gave you today is a temporary ID card so make sure you replace it with the on you get directly from the company. Remember the company will be sending you out new ID cards every 6 months.

  • If all looks good with your new policy, cancel your prior policy HERE

DO NOT cancel your current policy until the new one is in place. You should receive your policy within 15 days of completing the paperwork. Your policy must go through the company's underwriting before the approval is final. Once you receive your policy in the mail from us, sign the cancellation form and either mail or fax it to your old insurance company.

Fill out the form attached above and send it to your prior insurance company to cancel your prior policy with them.

  • Any Letters from the state or lenders forward to us

If you get a letter from the state saying that you have no insurance give us a call so we can help you. This does not happen often but in case it does due to some delay in cancellation or effective date we are always here to help

  • If you haven't done so, pay your new policy

Probably one of the most important parts about having an insurance policy is making sure you PAY for that insurance policy.Insurance is a necessity and if you're left with an inactive policy due to failure of payment you could be in a tough situation.Click HERE to make your payment. You will be lead to a page with links to multiple companies' payment links. When entering policy info, leave out the dashes in your policy number. Follow their instruction and you won't have to worry about your policy being cancelled.

  • Set up an online account with your new insurance company

Some insurance companies allow you to log into their website in order to access ID Cards. manage your policy, and much more. Here you can set up an account to access your policy whenever you need to. Click HERE to see if your insurance company offers this.

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