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One of the most exciting parts of being a teenager is getting a driver’s license and starting to drive. As a parent you might have a lot of worries, one of these being car insurance. While statistically car insurance rates are higher for teenage drivers, the rates are not as high people often make them out to be. READ MORE >>

Ok it’s been a couple of days since enrollment opened for the affordable Care Act Exchanges.  Here is a few questions you want to ask before signing up with a plan. Please make sure you know what you are buying, it may take a little research but please educate yourself. 1. READ MORE >>

Ok this is a big one, are you checking to make sure you are getting all your discounts on your auto insurance? Right now I'm going to encourage you to do this once a year preferably at renewal. With auto insurance there is a list of discounts that you could be getting and most people do not even know it. READ MORE >>

I’m writing this article because one of my customers asked me about how insurance companies look at trampolines. Now in the last year, I spoke to a nurse who works in the ER who said that many of the injuries that come into the emergency room have to do with trampoline accidents. READ MORE >>

     I’m writing this article because one of my customers wanted tips for young drivers and their parents. Having a young driver will bring extra gray hair to parents. Driving makes teenagers feel that they are gaining power and independence in their lives, but with this comes more responsibility. READ MORE >>

    Having life insurance is not enough; you must own it. It may just be the most important coverage for you and your family, I know you probably have home and auto insurance as this is a given for most people, but what about life insurance? READ MORE >>

Do you text and drive? Have you ever texted while driving? If you answer no, you're in the minority. Studies show that many people have done it and still do it. The next time you're driving take a look at other cars, I bet you will see it occur right before your very eyes. READ MORE >>

Hi my name is Steven Evans and I'am President of Evans Insurance Services Inc. Our office is located in Malvern, right here in Chester County Pennsylvania. We are located in a populated area and have noticed that most accidents my customers report are rear end collisions. READ MORE >>

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